January 1, 2011

Change is Coming

Happy 2011!

As I prepared to ring in the New Year this week, I also spent a lot of time resting in bed due to a crazy case of sickness. According to WebMD, I either had strep throat or hypothyroidism. I'm going with strep. 

In my cold medicine-induced state, I thought about my blog and what changes I wanted to bring to it this year.

For those who don't know, I started Low Cost Luxury as a final project for one of my journalism classes last semester. I knew I wanted to continue maintaining the blog after the class had ended but I wasn't sure if bargain hunting and talking about sales was the way to go. I decided that with the new year, I would start a new blog that really highlighted what I'm passionate about.

Out of that came the idea for a new bloggity. One thing that I haven't really touched on here is my strong interest in healthy living. I also love fashion and taking pictures/talking about new healthy food discoveries. I've been reading healthy lifestyle blogs for a while and now I feel it's time to start my own!  

Introducing: Fashionably Plate. This blog is about food, fashion and just having an appetite for life. ( It's also a play on words. Like "fashionably late" only "plate" because it's also about food. get it?) I am sure I will still gush about the great deals I stumble upon on a daily basis because it's just part of my life. 

 Those who have read Low Cost Luxury, thank you! I look forward to many more adventures here. 

Grab a plate and get ready to feast on food, fashion, and life! 

salad + cookie. Typical