December 11, 2010

Earth Cafe Cheesecake

A few days ago, I received a box on my doorstep from the wonderful people at Earth Cafe.
box of deliciousness
When I found out they specialize in making vegan, non-dairy, gluten-free cheesecakes I almost fell out of my chair. I love me some cheesecake but I'm lactose intolerant, so cheesecake is usually out of the question. Until I found out about Earth Cafe, I had no idea dairy-free cheesecake even existed. 

After discovering that Earth Cafe won the category of "Best Raw Foods" in VegNews' foodie awards this year, I knew I had to try this right away and Earth Cafe kindly sent me some samples. 

I opened the box to find five samples of cheesecake. 
still frozen! 
I immediately popped them out of the packages and let them thaw, so I could try each one. 
The flavors I received were: (from left) Who's Your Daddy Carob Mousse Pie 
                                                               Find Your Thrill on Blueberry Hill
                                                               Rockin' Raspberry
                                                               Strawberry Field's Forever
                                                               Cali Style Lemon

In addition to loving the creative names, all of the flavors were delicious! The crust is made from crushed nuts and reminded me of a salty Larabar. The fillings are so moist and light, it's almost like you are eating air. 

The Strawberry Fields Forever flavor was by far my favorite followed by the Cali Style Lemon. The Who's Your Daddy Carob Mousse was also great and reminded me of Nutella. 

All of Earth Cafe's cheesecakes are raw and made without refined sugar making them a much healthier option than other cheesecakes. As a result, they are much lower in calories than typical cheesecakes (major bonus) . 

You can definitely tell these cheesecakes are handmade. The fruit flavors tasted amazingly fresh and the crust definitely didn't have that creepy factory made and then frozen taste. 

Are you ready for the best part?! Not only are these cheesecakes healthy and delicious, they are affordable. A whole cheesecake runs about $35 dollars, which works out to around $4.50 a slice making them a definite low cost luxury. 

If you are looking for a great alternative dessert or a nice gift for someone special check out Earth Cafe. They are located in California but ship all over the US! 

Special Thanks to Craig and all of the people at Earth Cafe for letting me sample! 

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