December 29, 2010

Get Clean with Bath and Body Works

I'm a sucker for beauty products, especially those that smell amazing and can be found at the local mall. For this reason, I love me some Bath and Body Works. Despite my love for the place, I usually only shop there twice a year, during their semi-annual sales.

The Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is no joke. The products sell for 50%-75% off and they often offer discontinued scents for way less than you would normally see (if you ever come across anything in Pear Blossom, buy as much as you can, you won't be disappointed). In addition to the great prices, the sales occur during the winter  and summer, when I am conveniently home for break from school.  A couple days ago, I accompanied my mom to the store to stock up on the soaps.

After scouring the store, I ended up taking advantage of the 75% off table. I bought all of this for only $14. 
3 hand soaps, 2 huge hand sanitizers, 2 body sprays, a mini shower gel
Usually, one of those body sprays costs $12.50, showing just how AMAZING this sale is!

Among the goodies was this little gem
caramel apple hand soap. Yes. Please.
I have realized that each store carries different products for this sale, so be sure to visit as many stores as possible! 

The sale will run through January, but don't waste time. Go right now and get clean!

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