December 7, 2010

Celebrating with Cheap Coffee and Chocolate

Today marked the end of fall semester of my senior year of college (Woah). I was lucky to have no finals this semester, only papers and projects. The only downside to this was the fact that the papers were due in hard copy form, meaning I had to drive back to school just to hand in the papes. Naturally, the biff also had to turn in hard copies, so we made the trek together.

On the way back, I enjoyed one of my favorite low cost luxury drinks. Iced Coff from the 7-11 Heaven.
French Vanilla Iced Coff + Pumpkin Spice Creamer

After my last iced coffee experience, I was a little worried but alas, this did not disappoint.

After chilling at Biff's for a few hours, I headed home to get my bake on. After perusing the Internet, I stumbled across an enticing bar recipe. It only has five ingredients- all of which are cheap. Perfect? I think so. The only problem with this is the fact that the ingredients are not the least bit healthy. To this I say, everything in moderation. 

I used this recipe from Food Network. 
(I switched out the pecans for pretzels because I have a strong opposition to nuts in desserts and because pretzels make everything better)

Basically, you start with this
Actually, there are 2 sticks of butter in this recipe. Just call me Paula Deen

After, boiling, baking and refrigerating you end up with this

This was probably one of the easiest/most delicious things I have made in awhile. Quick, easy, and cheap. Love that.

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