December 2, 2010

Luxuries for feeling low

If you follow me on The Twit, you are aware that I have been slightly under the weather the past few days.  In addition to napping as much as possible and going to bed at 9:30 the past few nights, I have also been in denial. I figured continually telling myself that I'm not getting sick may result in me actually not getting sick. In addition to this, I decided to treat myself to things that make me feel better when I'm feeling low.

First off, I wore those adorable fashion heaven pants to the internship this morning. Good deals always make me feel better.
paired with boots and jacket in honor of the sudden freeze

After completely my last day of interning, I headed to the OC, aka Orange City. Not as cool as this place, but a they have Target, which houses the 'Bucks- two things that make any day better. While trotting through Targ, I sipped on this. 
Shaken Iced Green Tea + 1 pump Vanilla Sizzurp
Upon ordering, the barista commented on how weird my order was. She quickly assured me that she wasn't trying to say I was weird, but that she's just never heard this combo before and she thinks she should try it to decide whether or not it's weird, but either way I'm not weird for ordering it. I neglected to tell her that this is probably one of the simplest of all my usual 'Bucks drinks. 

After Target + 'Bucks, I embarked on a search for soup, something only reserved for days when I feel as though I would rather watch my head roll down the driveway than deal with the pain it was causing me. I found success at Publix. 
Soup by Wolfgang. I love potatoes, especially the old fashioned variety.
I traveled back to my apt and whipped up a lunch that on any other day wouldn't satisfy me. In fact, a lunch like this would never happen. This is because when I'm feeling sick I only crave things I wouldn't normally eat. Whatevs, I rolled with it. 
soup +  1/2 cinnamon raisin bagel (picked the raisins out)

After lunch, I sat in my bed, which is probably the best luxury to take advantage of when feeling low. Looking back at this day, I feel better already.

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