November 18, 2010


Since Thanksgiving is exactly one week away, I figured I would take this moment to list a few things that I am thankful for. Since the list would be endless otherwise, I have narrowed it down to things that have occurred in the last 24ish hours and are low cost. Let's do this.

1. Thankful for Holiday drink deals at the 'Bucks.   Now I can enjoy the delish drinks without having to shell out half my paycheck ( <- that is a slight exaggeration).

2. Thankful that I snagged the last pair of $4.29 adorable pants from my Fashion Heaven yesterday. They are a mix between pants and leggings, but they aren't really jeggings...more like cigarette pants. (pics will come soon)

3.  Thankful for the FREE freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and lukewarm tea I enjoyed last night at my hotel. (stayed there due to the unbelievably early GRE appointment.)
Compliments of The Hampton Inn (which I kept referring to as "the hostel")

4. Thankful that the cashier at The Crack Barrel talked my mom into purchasing this. 
Pumpkin + Butter = perfection in a jar

5. Thankful that holiday commercials are back on. Seriously, the Puffs Tissues kids and Publix family dinners get me all kinds of excited for the season. I must say though, I really miss these Old Navy gems from back in the day. 

Low cost luxury at it's finest. So thankful.

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