November 24, 2010


Being home for a holiday is probably one of the best low cost luxuries I can think of. Today I got my bake on in preparation for the Day of Thanks. I'm always looking for great recipes that are easy, low cost and healthy. I stumbled upon this recipe earlier this year, and knew right away I needed to make it happen. A two ingredient recipe and one ingredient is pumpkin?! Yes. Please.

I simply combined 1 box of Spice Cake Mix with 1 can of pumpkin
Duncan meet Libby

Once combined, I decided too split the dough in half and create two pumpkin masterpieces. One half got the chocolate treatment.
Love me some Toll House

I decided the chocolate chip dough would become cookies, and the other half would become mini cupcakes/muffins/little cups of heaven.

While waiting for the baking process to end, I played with this little ball of terror  joy.

Meet Bailey. Typically she is not as sweet as she looks. 

The finished result was a-ma-zing! Both were delish and so easy. I topped the cupcakes/muffins/little cups of heaven with cream cheese icing and called this baking mission a success. 
pumpkin beauty

Since it's only a couple days away (!!!), here is some Black Friday Info:

~Target 2-day Ad is now available. Check it. 
~List of store opening times is now available. Look here.

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