November 28, 2010

Drink, Drink it up

As I was perusing Bed Bath and Beyond the other day, an employee asked me if I wanted to sample coffee or hot chocolate as part of a Tassimo Coffee Maker demonstration. Being the low cost luxury that I am, I hardly ever pass up a free sample. After letting the hot choc cool to a reasonable temperature (which for me means lukewarm), I sipped on a lovely drink and realized that hot drink season is upon us.

I for one, do not enjoy the feeling of a scalding hot liquid sloshing around in my mouth. I prefer the smell of coffee over the taste and always order my drinks "kid's temperature" when I visit the 'Bucks. But I realize that many people do favor drinks of the hot variety and for that reason I searched the world wide web for drink deals. Here is what I came up with:

~December Drink Specials at The 'Bucks.
   -the overpriced drink chain will be offering different specials for the first 12 days of next month. If they are anything like the Frappuccino Happy Hour that occurred over the summer, I'm all in.

~Dunkin Doughnuts Perks Club.
  -join and receive a free medium drink of your choice. In addition to this, enjoy other perks throughout the year. I hear they have a Gingerbread Latte out right now.

~Anything from 7-11.
  -this place has it all. Delish Iced coffee, Slurpees, and Vitamin Water Zero at the same place? So many good things it takes me five minutes to decide which drink to buy when I go there. Also, I've heard their hot coffee is pretty legit. Plus, they have tons of syrups, creamers and sugar toppings to add to anything at no extra charge.

As the winter months approach, there is no need to pay a ton of money for a drink when these deals are out there. Delish drink deals? I'll drink to that.

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