November 21, 2010

Fashion Luxury powered by Google

I came across this while reading one of my favorite blogs. Welcome to, the newest website launched by Google. powered by the goog.
The website is an interactive fashion heaven that is divided into boutiques depending on the subject. There are blogger boutiques, designer boutiques, celebrity boutiques and you can even create your own boutique by taking quizzes to determine your personal style. The boutiques feature pictures of different fashion styles along with places to purchase the styles featured. It's basically one giant fashion search engine.

I've always been a huge fan of The Goog, because they offer so many luxuries for no cost. You can search for anything and within seconds you have your answer. Love. This new site makes me love it that much more.

(side note: have you ever seen  Google headquarters? Those employees are living it up low cost luxury style like nobody's business).

You can use this site as one big way to window shop. Figure out which styles you like, see new trends, and then search for items that fit into those categories. You could purchase them off the site, or you could just look for similar items in other stores (that is what I plan on doing).

Everyone should give this a try. Go right now. Open your computer, and get your fashion on!

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