November 12, 2010

Black Friday countdown: 2 weeks.

Two weeks from today, it will be here. The day when consumerism is most apparent. The day when people stand in line outside of stores before the sun comes up. The day when grown-ups act like children and fight over the latest toys. It's the day when I wake up at 3am and shop until I drop both for the amazing deals and the pure entertainment value that comes from watching people shop like savage beasts.

It's Black Friday! For those who are unfamiliar with this little gem of a day, it occurs the day after Thanksgiving. All of the stores open early and offer amazing deals on popular products for the upcoming holiday season.

Because it relates so well to this little bloggity, I will feature Black Friday info and tips on a regular basis. At the two week point, I think it's best to start planning on what you need/want/have to have no matter what anyone else tells you. In the past, many stores kept their lips sealed on what the sales would feature, but thanks to the joys of the Internet and people who simply want to sell top secret information to news organizations, many of the ads have been leaked onto the Internet. That means it's time to start taking a gander at all that will be offered to you on this glorious day.

Here are a few websites that offer Black Friday Ads:

BLACKFRIDAY.COM - features ads, an option to receive updated ads delivered to your inbox, and they are giving away prizes everyday from now until Black Friday. -link their ads to store websites, so you can look for other things to buy too. - this is more of a black friday blog, with ads, news, and tips.

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