November 8, 2010

Sample It

Probably one of the best ways to enjoy a low cost luxury is when it has no cost at all. This is exactly what I experienced today while on a trip to The Fresh Market. For those who are not familiar, The Fresh Market is a speciality grocery store that sells only fresh, all natural, and organic foods as well as those crazy off-the-walll delicacies that you never see in your neighborhood Publix. It’s basically a foodie paradise and one of my favorite places to visit when I’m home.

Today was especially wonderful at TFM because they were having their annual Holiday Offerings tasting event aka a sampling of their best Holiday inspired foods. Before we even got into the store, a man asked if we (me, my mom, and my gma) had ever tried Honeycrsip or Aurora apples. I told him Honeycrsip is at the top of my apple favorites list, he pulled out a knife and offered us slices of the Aurora. So good. It’s the new golden delicious in my book.

After that, things only got better.
Holiday Dinner courtesy of TFM
from top left: roasted turkey, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and gravy, bruschetta, ham (didn't eat that), roast beef, corn souffle, stuffing

The corn souffle was my favorite on the plate. I’m not a huge fan of corn and I’ve never had a souffle but this was top notch

blueberry cheesecake and vanilla pound cake

 I ignored my lactose intolerance while eating the cheesecake. It was worth it.

Tangerine Juice and Honeycrisp Cider

                                  Pumpkin muff

This was not a sample, it was a necessary purchase.


                             The best hot chocolate ever

 Loved this. It was not very hot and it was seasoned with cinnamon. perf.

Sampling isn’t just a great way to enjoy quality things for no cost, it’s also a good way to decide whether you like something or not before you buy it. A win win. In addition to the samplefest, the store was decorated for Christmas. You always get it right TFM.

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