November 14, 2010

Inspired by our friends at Mastercard

My weekend felt like a Mastercard commercial. Naturally, I was living it up low cost luxury style, but it was only after perusing through my camera that I realized just how much more I enjoy things when they are low cost. To explain further, here is my weekend in pics.


Stetson Student Jurried Art Show. cost- $0.00
-We walked around, looked at art and felt incredibly un-talented, so fun! 

Me, Biff, and Abbey (left) the artist. Her piece was made out of real eggs!

Invisible Children Benefit Concert at Davinci. cost- $2.00 cover
-Continued to support Stets by attending a student org sponsored event downtown. 

Watching The Bromance (that is not their real name) rock it.
This is the only suitable pic from the concerto, because it was freezing
and I did not want to move around enough to find the right angle.

Mediocre Meal from Moe's. cost- $.84 
-The meal was actually suppose to be free because I filled out some survey thing, but I asked for a tiny dollop of sour cream. They ended up giving me nearly 16oz. worth. I had to pay extra for it.

Joey Junior sans tortilla and tons of chips.
Unfortunately, there was only 7.5 pieces of steak and a the lettuce was brown.

GRE studying for the remainder of the weekend. cost- $0.00
-so. tired. of. this.

Just about as glamorous as it looks

Somewhere during the course of this weekend, we also took toilet paper from a friend's dorm. 
cost- $0.00
-This was the Biff's idea. 

I'm sure this is included in the $40,000+ price tag on this place 

I spent hardly any money this weekend and it was awesome. You don't have to spend money on things in order to enjoy life, it's that simple. Focus on spending time with people rather than spending money and you will be on your way to priceless memories. Literally, they will be priceless.

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