November 26, 2010

The New Black

I decided to switch it up a bit this year. Typically on Black Friday, I tend to suddenly need everything and as a result end up spending way too much money. Despite the amazing deals, I made an effort to only buy things that I really needed/wanted instead of buying everything that was within arm's reach. With this new outlook in mind, I enjoyed a different but yet successful day early morning of shopping.

I spent the day of shopping with my family, a bit of a change from the years past but a good choice. The day started at 1am and ended at 9am and was actually a lot shorter than I had planned. Nonetheless, it was a success. Here is a breakdown of the madness.

1:30am- Loaded into the car and headed to stores.

2:15am- Dropped half of the crew at Target and trotted over to Kohls.

3:00am- Kohls opens, a riot begins over line skippers.
right before the riot began

After stepping foot in Kohls I began to wonder why I was there. I don't even shop at Kohls. Ever. We turned around and left.

3:15am- Arrive at Belk. They were giving away free giftcards to the first 250 people so waiting in line was necessary. As we were waiting the kind souls at Sonic arrived with free breakfast burritos for everyone!
I ate one bite and gave the rest to my cousin. The coupons are a nice bonus

3:45am- The doors to Belk swing open (15 minutes early!) and we run through the isles with joy. Grabbed out giftcards and headed to Target.

4:00am- Target opens. This store is my favorite on Black Friday because I love me some Target and because it is totally nuts, which I find highly entertaining.

The line

blurry madness

4:45am- Leave Target with DVDs, a TV, 75% off clearanced items, pillows and an outdoor fire pot.

5:15am-Back to Belk. The location where I bought these beauties for only $19.99 (over 60% off).

Booties by Rampage

6:00am- Spend about 4.5 minutes in Bath and Body Works. They had nothing to offer.

6:20am- Peruse the picked over isles of Wal Mart. Disappointed with the DVD selection. Bought a fleece pullover jacket for workouts ($5.00).

7:00am- Break the fast at Cracker Barrel with the family. We spent our time eating biscuits and reminising on the past few hours of madness we just endured.

9:00am- Arrive home and crash

Overall, this black friday was a success. Different, but still awesome. Begin countdown for next year!

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