November 9, 2010

Clearance all year round

As you can probably guess, I am a huge fan of the clearance rack. The only problem with buying clothes that are on clearance is the fact that they are probably about to go out of season. Call me an optimist, but I look at end-of-season clearance as an opportunity to create a new look for whatever season I am currently in. All you need is a little creativity, and a knack for layering (or un-layering depending on the season) and you will be able to incorporate seasonal pieces into your wardrobe all year round.

I recently bought a few "summer" items that I plan to rock this fall/winter. I chronicled the transformation in pics and used myself as the model (I was desperate). Some of the pics are a little blurry, I blame my self-diagnosed iron deficiency for causing my hands to shake.

Tunic: Target $4.48




Pair with tights, flats, and a huge jacket

pair with belt and t-strap sandals

It really is so easy! Next time you see the clearance rack, don't skip by because you think you won't use the clothes right away. Nearly all "seasonal" items on the clearance rack can be worn anytime of the year. Just don't wear a bikini to a Christmas Eve party, that would be wrong. 

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