November 25, 2010


In honor of Thanksgiving, I will share a few things that I am thankful for. I enjoyed a variety of luxuries today. Some were low cost, some were no cost, most were priceless. Either way, everything about this day was luxurious.

I started my day by enjoying the luxury of lounging on the couch while watching The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
Kanye West everyone

After parade viewing, I helped prepare the feast, enjoyed the feast, then went on a walk with the most physically active members of my family.
Gma, cousin, and dog getting our walk on

After the walk, I visited the luxurious dessert spread. Seriously, dessert is one of the greatest luxuries I can think of.
Dessert Heaven

After dessert, the fam left and I got down to business. Black Friday business that is. 
Gotta love that consumerism

After compiling a battle plan, I took the luxury of watching my hero talk about everyday heroes on the CNN Heroes special.
Anderson Cooper. Best way to end the day.

Thanksgiving is the best time to really take note of all of the wonderful things in life. Today I was surrounded by everything that I truly care about, and for those luxuries I am thankful.

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