December 14, 2010

Living in the lap of (low cost) luxury

I don't know if it's because I'm home for winter break but I've been experiencing all kinds of low cost luxurious things over the past few days. I took a bunch of pics of the luxuries that comprised my day, but alas, most of them turned out all pixely (new word, start using it). Here is what I could salvage.

First off, I awoke to near freezing weather conditions. I'm serious, it was about 32 degrees. I celebrated this with a cold breakfast. I ended up having cookie dough cereal again. As I was eating I realized two things.
1. This does not taste like cookie dough
2. I put way too much protein powder in this bowl. Couldn't finish it (hate that)

After brek (nickname for breakfast), I accompanied my mom for an errand marathon. while on this journey I enjoyed snacks compliments of the SOHO convention.
Org. Tea + to-go tumbler

Cheeky Monks
This snack rocked. They are like cheese puffs, but peanut butter flavored, and only 98 cals!? Score. 

After reading the back of the package, I discovered that a cheeky monkey is: "a light-hearted name for a sassy, mischievous, sometimes naughty, often witty character, who boldly says or does something slightly unconventional." I identified with this. 

While waiting in a doctor's office, I came across this strange item in an Avon catalog.
creepy clip-ons
 Clip-on bangs. First of all, the price is redonk. Secondly, this is just weird. 

After finishing the errand marathon, I worked out for free then chilled the rest of the day. 

I ended my night by baking a batch of Caramel Apple Bars compliments of my friend Betty
like a delicious cookie/pie/cake 

I could get used to this. ( I just realized the large amount of parenthesis in this post. Completely unintentional.)

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